The Academic Support Department, staffed by psychologists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists, was established to aid students in overcoming learning difficulties as they arise in the learning process. It is the responsibility of this office to see that all students follow a normal developmental pattern. When learning problems are identified, the staff works with parents and educators to tailor an individualized program to meet the student's needs and alleviate or remedy any problem. At the Gimnasio Británico, every child is encouraged and enabled to develop to his or her maximal potential in every area of learning, and the success of many students is often due to the intervention and assistance supplied by the staff of the Academic Support Department..


Virtually 100% of the Gimnasio Británico students proceed with professional studies both here and abroad upon graduation. For this reason, career counselors and college advisors from the Academic Counseling Department begin to work with students in the ninth grade. Through testing, conferences, and university experiences in the best universities in Bogotá students are individually guided in their preparation and career selection according to their interests, abilities, personalities, ambitions and talents. Every effort is made to assist students in choosing a career and identifying the best means to achieve it. Experienced and dedicated counsellors relate one-on-one with each student to ascertain that each of them who graduates from the Gimnasio Británico has the oportunity to obtain the professional aspirations, whatever they may be.