The Transportation Department is made up of a fleet of 70 buses to provide safe and reliable transit for all students and many teachers to and from the school and for the educational excursions planned for classes throughout the school year. All buses are furnished with air conditioning and audio-visual equipment and are routinely serviced under a strict and exacting maintenance schedule to guarantee passengers a comfortable, pleasant, safe and dependable ride.

The Transportation Department ocuppies a central role in the smooth functioning of the school, drivers are carefully selected and trained: conscious of their responsibilities, they pride themselves on meeting the high standards that characterize the Gimnasio Británico as a whole. Each of the 100 members, drivers, bus monitors, mechanical engineers, mechanics, electricians, secretaries and assistants, of the Transportation Department team performs an essential task for the Gimnasio Británico.


The cafeteria serves 1000 people in eight self-serve lines per turn; students and all visitors will find themselves in a modern and upscale dining room with a cosy environment that not only will serve as a cafeteria but also it can be used as a general meeting area, special events, celebrations or many different activities programmed through out the school year.

The cafeteria is fully equipped with modern dishwashers that washes and sterilizes all plates, cups and cutlery leaving them completely free from any types of bacteria, or germs making the students health be more safe which is one of many objectives of our school.

The cafeteria uses the most modern kitchen for the preparation of meals and technology for the conservation of all types of food, meeting the highest hygiene standards.