Located in the Elementary B section, the laboratory occupies just over 86 square meters. There are 60 individual stations separated by sound-absorbing 1.2-meter partitions, and each station is furnished with a computer equipped with all the requisite software and support materials necessary to meet the demands and challenges of the most recent advances in computer technology. The laboratory is designed for the comfort, convenience and efficiency of our students. It is used throughout the year by advanced students and for the annual Computer Olympics held at the Gimnasio Británico. For testing purposes, there is also a surveillance security system with video cameras and a central monitor and overall control panel located in a separate room. Software and hardware are continually upgraded in this facility to keep our students proficient in state-of-the art computer capabilities.


The Laboratory is set up to allow students to select their own learning programs and work at their own pace using interactive formats to correct speech, learn phonetics, synthetize grammar and perfect reading and writing skills. Individual station units are equipped with seven channels, each offering a variety of programs of varying levels related to the principal topic of the channel. From a central control panel, the instructor can interact electronically with all stations by electing to send programs to several students at once, including material from the Internet on the central computer, or by projecting programs from the computer to an overhead screen for all to view. All new television and audio-visual equipment have been installed for individual and group learning of recorded language videos obtainable from many sources.



Our library, the hub around which all academic activity revolves at the Gimnasio Británico, is divided into three different sections according to student ages. Some new volumes were added to our growing collection, which now stands at 35,000.  Via the World Wide Web, young researchers  now have access to all the libraries, data banks, and web sites the Internet provides on 65 computers. A full-time computer consultant was added to the library staff of one librarian and two assistants to guide students and faculty in the use of these techonological resources, and twelve complete encyclopedias were purchased on CD Rom to further enhance the library's bound reference collections. Our library provides virtually unlimited opportunities for study, research and recreational reading.




Is a complete system for teaching reading, writing and editing skills in English at the Gimnasio Británico. The program was instituted in July of 1997 and is on used in preschool through sixth-grade level students. Four classrooms designed and decorated along specific guidelines were constructed and five teachers were trained and exclusively assigned to the Literacy Framework project. Over 3,000 books, tapes and videos were purchased along with a wide variety of writing materials and art supplies, all as specified by this comprehensive literacy system. The Literacy Framework program offers our students a unique opportunity to learn to read and write and perfect what they know under the most favorable and individualized circumstances modern educational research can define.


Círculos Literarios or Reading Recovery is a support program for reading and writing in Spanish, native tounge, and helps the students improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The main objective of this program is to give the students a space where they develop different activities to make learning grammar and language structures more interesting. The Reading Recovery program is offered only to students of age 5 or less and the classroom is equipped with all necessary resources and specialized teachers are available to help the small students do their best.