Fine Arts


The basic elements of music - rhythm,  melody, harmony and  timbre, are taught from the earliest stages at the Gimnasio Británico. Preschoolers are introduced to music and dance in the form of games and exercises and in learning traditional folk and children's songs. Elementary students acquire a more sophisticated comprehension of musical forms, texture and structure and experience a broad range of musical styles in both listening and performance. Beginning at the age of 6 and extending through graduation, all children are given the option of enrolling in individual and small group lessons in flute, guitar, organ, piano, trumpet, violin and voice with qualified specialist teachers. Instruments are provided and practice rooms available for student reservation. Students are encouraged to explore their talents and interests via folk, classical, jazz, pop and contemporary forms in a variety of settings and ensembles.


Members of the Theatre Department at the Gimnasio Británico work with students from Grade Three and onward to teach the elements of elocution - pronunciation, intonation,  inflection  -  in the reading of Spanish and English poetry and prose. In drama classes of the standard curriculum beginning in Grade Five and continuing through Grade Eleven, nonverbal components of communication, such as gesticulation, facial expression and movement are added as students become acquainted with the dramatic literature of South America and of the western hemisphere and begin to participate in dramatic readings in classes and theatre groups. Optional instruction is also given by the director and three assistants to Junior High and High School students in broadcasting and the art of theatre production.



Sports and physical fitness play a prominent role in the daily activities of the Gimnasio Británico community. The campus, with 6 basketball courts, 3 large gymnasia, 1 large weight training facility, 3 tennis courts, 3 racquetball courts, 6 soccer fields with surrounding prepared-surface tracks and 1 competition soccer field built to International Soccer Federation standards with surrounding regulation track and viewing stands, maintains extensive facilities for training and competition in many sports on its premises. From preschool through high school, students learn basic skills baseball, basketball, cheerleading, equestrianship, golf, gymnastics, skating, soccer, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field and volleyball. The students are able to join any of the teams participate in competitions in other schools and the school`s sports tournament.


For the past three years the Gimnasio Británico has offered parents and students the National Summer Camp for children between the ages of 3 and 15. This summer camp is open for all the children interested in enjoying their vacations while learning English and other fun activities. Summer Camp Colombia offers a space for recreation, fun and learning where free time is spent in a safe and organized manner with activities designed specially to stimulate the creativity and to develop new abilities in children in a country environment with many green areas and specialized teachers. This Summer Camp takes place from July 1 to July 31 and has many activities as well as field trips to different places giving the children the opportunity to have fun while they learn.

International Programs


Founded in 1902, the Culver Summer Schools & Camps program is unique. It is a fun-filled, naturally beautiful 1,800-acre setting where over 1,350 young people from around the world, ages 7-17, develop positive self-esteem through accomplishment and self discipline. It is a high challenge-high support environment for learning leadership skills that improve personal confidence. (from


Study abroad offers enriching and broadening experiences for seniors and recent graduates of the Gimnasio Británico. Through exchange programs established by our International Relations Department headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A., qualified students may enroll in courses at such prestigious institutions as Butler University (total enrollment 3,911) and Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (total enrollment 27,036), both located in the large urban setting of Indianapolis, and at Indiana University (total enrollment 32,298) in Bloomington, Indiana, and Purdue University (total enrollment 35,715) in Lafayette, Indiana, both small midwestern towns where the campus is the central focus of the community.