The Gimnasio Británico is respectfully aware of the confidence parents place in us by entrusting their children to our care. When accidents or illness occur, we have a doctor and two nurses available in the Medical Department to attend to the needs of students during regular school hours, throughout the after-school extracurricular periods, and during all athletic competitions and events. The three-beds clinic maintains an up-to-date collection of supplies, equipment and medication necessary to respond to the types of emergencies that may occur at an active day-school of some 2,500 students. Accidents and sudden illnesses rarely occur at the Gimnasio Británico, but when they do, parents and patients can rest assured that our professional medical team is on-hand and prepared to deal competently and compassionately with any situation that may arise.  


The school has a dentist during the school day in charge of different activities that promote preventive health and oral hygiene.

The main function is to train students in various subjects to enable them to understand the importance of maintaining adequate levels of hygiene through brushing thereby controlling the appearance of different diseases.

During the school year preventive campaigns and clinical assessments of students are carried out, as well as attending emergencies that may arise.