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The Gimnasio Británico was from its foundation one step ahead since at this time it already offered its students many opportunities that not many other institutions offered, for example the institution had a small farm, zoo and laboratories that allowed learning to be done through observation, apart from its excellent academic level, based on investigation, comprehension, analysis and conceptualization processes.

Since then it has been satisfying to walk towards success bringing with it growth, expansion and knowledge. Today, the Gimnasio Británico is one of the best known due to its high academic, sports and cultural levels and its international projection that allows students to be able to count on possibilities to improve their knowledge of English as a second language and share cultural interchange experiences.


The Gimnasio Británico was founded in 1980, in the land of farms Hato Viejo and Los Rosales (156.000 square meters), located in the town of Chía. The institution was founded with the objective to offer the students an integral and bilingual education within a country style environment with many and spacious areas for recreation and fresh air, appropriate to shape the leaders of tomorrow guiding them to be able to face all of lifes challenges and to improve our country. The school began activities with a group of about 190 students, from nursery to fifth grade; by 1985 grades sixth through eleventh had been implemented and the institution had about 320 students. The necessary licenses had been authorized by the Ministry of Education for Preschool and Basic Elementary in 1983 and for High School in 1985.



To offer excellent trilingual formal education service based in National and International curriculum programs, within an environment that matches the contemporary world demands and is orientated to form people with excellent academic performance, research habits, critical thinking, and civil rights formation to allow them to understand and respect multiculturalism and therefore be able to assume the challenges of a highly technified and competitive world.


Gimnasio Británico within the next five years will focus to maintain and strengthen its reputation as the number one trilingual educative company in Colombia by keeping a constant modernization process through the immersion of new technologies, highly committed to its quality service, orientated by three ways of action: Competitiveness, social progress and the continuity of the educative and formative processes towards a phase of superior education that implies a critical and analytical thinking of each one of our students.

Quality Policy

Gimnasio Británico, by pursuing continuous improvement, constantly interacting with its concerned parties and counting with highly qualifies employees encourages a risk management and offers to its students a high quality trilingual educative system, formed with integrity responsive to the needs of a contemporary world and to the national and international curriculum requirements; by promoting the appliance of new technologies and the potentialization of abilities of each student to interact and influence his or her environment with a high social awareness.

Quality Objectives

  1. To offer our students a high quality trilingual educative service.
  2. To form our students with integrity based in a national & international curriculum.
  3. To guarantee the necessary resources to comply with the processes’ continuous improvement, service delivery & the empowerment of the parties concerned.
  4. To prepare our students through life projects so their environment is interacts and influences them with high social awareness.


Gimnasio Británico in Chia became the first school of Colombia to receive the Resolution that accredits it as a trilingual institution and which authorizes it to issue a Baccalaureate Academic Trilingual Diploma English, Spanish and French to its students. The certification was achieved after students took and passed the international DELF level B test for the French Language. Being trilingual school means that students receive a Baccalaureate Diploma only after successfully passing the international TOEFL test for English and the DELF test for French. Graduates have the opportunity to adjust their academic curriculum and even take two parallel undergraduate programs.

Alliance and Certifications






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