Tspan>he overwhelming majority of our students begin at the preschool level and continue on through completion of the eleventh grade. It is in our Preschool that their education begins, and we have carefully selected teachers and support staff to create a caring, challenging, individualized program to introduce these young students to the learning experience. Because we wish to inspire in our students a love of learning as well as to provide them with various techniques and methods of learning, we place special emphasis on the earliest years of training, where lifetime patterns and attitudes are often set.

Our philosophy of developing the whole child and our commitment to encouraging individuation and independence mandates that class size remain small and that teachers keep abreast of advances in academic research. Most teachers have completed post-graduate studies and frequently attend workshops and conferences to enlarge their repertoire of teaching methods and incorporate innovations in their curricula. A low student-to-teacher ratio allows for close supervision and individual attention in an atmosphere of nurturance and trust.