Available to the educational community, spaces for human growth and maturity, especially spiritual, celebrating the Eucharist together, participating in liturgical actionas, reinforcing the personality by means of retreats, enjoying God´s forgiveness through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, spending time in the preparation and celebration of Fisrt Communion and Confirmation, and providing time in which the heart can vent and get the confidence and guidance to continue in the life by God´s hand.


LIs a pedagogical curriculum structure, responsible for contributing to the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of children and young athletes and great artistic talent, with the aim of stimulating and artistic sport of accordance with the interests, understanding that the sport is health, recreation and / or performance and arts education develops its expression and creativity.

GENERAL PURPOSE Promote recreation and leisure time to good use by the administration of an institutional program of sports training and formal cultural basis for development on the school premises, CAFAM Recreation Center and The Andalusian Riding School. PURPOSE • The dissemination of sport and art disciplines in the comprehensive training process. • Developing creativity and promoting artistic and sports.